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shinpc's Journal

21 November
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I'm Shin! I live in the US (in New England).
I'm half Filipino.
I play guitar and bass. I love all things jrock and visual kei related. My favorite bands include GazettE, Dir en grey, An Cafe, LM.C, Miyavi, 12012, Hime Ichigo, Kagerou, SuG, Versailles, MUCC, and D'espairsray, among others.
I also love bands like Radiohead, the Smiths, MUSE, Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, Death cab For Cutie, etc~

I love experimenting with makeup and hairstyles. My hair has seen colors from black, to green, to neon pink. I get a lot of inspiration from jrock bands, as well as japanese subcultures and fashions.

Another hobby of mine is cosplay. I'll be at AnimeBoston again this year (10), so if you're gonna be there, let me know :D